Monday, May 25, 2015

Let's see how long it takes Mom to find this...

In all honesty, this blog has become something of a way to prank my Mother.  Yeah, I'll have the occasional deep thought and share it here, but mostly?  I don't really write.  HOWEVER.  This is for my Mom's birthday.  So I thought: what the hey.  Why not.

My first memory of Mom is being taken out of Stake Conference and the REALLY uncomfortable seats of the Provo Tabernacle (soon to be the Provo Templenacle) so that I could run around.  In retrospect I do feel sort of bad about that.  But not too bad because, like I said.  Those seats were not fun to sit in, and I was BORED.

My most recent (funny) memory of Mom is how she tries to say good night to me.  She kind of gives me a hug and moves toward her room....but doesn't actually ever say the words "I'm going to bed, good night."  And me, being me, and loving to talk...well, I don't actually pick up on the fact that she was trying to tell me good night.  Communication. If it's not verbal I'm probably not going to pick up on it.  Sorry, Mom.

My favorite thing to bring up around Mom (that I know she hates) is the family video that I was showing off in as a four year old...until I tripped and fell.  She zoomed in on my face and said "And this is what Azya looks like when she's hurt!" It is however, important to note that she turned the camera OFF after that and I assume she helped me.

Mom has taught me a lot over the years.  She's taught me how to do a death glare...even if mine isn't as scary as hers.  She taught me to sew when I was six, how to train a dog (apparently I made Greg play dog for me so I could train him), and how to do the proper nutrition.  She helped teach me how to drive and inadvertently she taught me how to ignore teenage whining about NOT WANTING TO DRIVE EVER.  But mostly she taught me what is important in life; how to be a missionary at all times and how to be a good mom.

I know every daughter thinks that she isn't as good a mother as her own (assuming of course that she had a good mom...which my Mom definitely did), but I'm here to say that she did an excellent job.  Mom, I want you to stop saying that you aren't as good as Grandma.  Grandma is an awesome Mom, but you aren't her and you have drastically different personalities.  Why would you parent exactly like your mom did when you do such a good job parenting like you do?  You're you and you did an awesome job of raising my brothers and I.  Happy Birthday, I love you.

Oh.  And side note.  I'm pretty sure that come Tuesday I will be exactly the age you were when you had me.  But according to a couple friends, I look exactly like you did at thanks for the good genes.  It's nice knowing what I'll look like in 20 years...and that I'll still be super pretty.