Thursday, October 9, 2014

In Defense of Peter

My Mom has been telling me (actually kind of demanding) that I should write more in here.  So that is what I shall do.

I was recently reading in Matthew 14 and the whole story that leads up to the walking on water is fascinating to me.

We start out with Jesus finding out that his cousin, the man who baptized him (and I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that they were close  friends) has been murdered by Herod the tetrarch to fullfil a drunken promise to a wicked woman.  I think it's safe to assume that Jesus wanted to go mourn, because it says that he departed into a desert place.  Poor man wasn't left to his grief however because the multitudes followed him.  Now this is yet another point where I have to say "better him than me" when it comes to being the Savior and Redeemer of mankind.  Because I would have told the disciples to send them away.  If I had just lost one of my cousins I wouldn't want to deal with other people's problems for a while.  But Christ "had compassion on the multitude" and healed them.  Then, when it started to get late and the disciples would have sent the multitude away so they could get some food, he actually said that there was no need to and performed a miracle with the multiplying of seven loaves and two fishes.  It was only after they had all eaten their fill that he sent them home.  Then he sent his disciples to cross the lake in a boat and was left alone to pray (though I think it likely that he was finally able to mourn as well.  It's hard losing someone you love, even if you will eventually have power over death.)

This is where we have the storm and the scene of Jesus walking on the water.  We all know the story.  Peter wants to come out to him, is scared by the waves and begins to sink.  The thing that I want to point out is that ONE: they were in the middle of a storm in a VERY deep lake.  TWO: Peter DID walk on water and THREE: although Jesus did rebuke him for having little faith, he had quite a lot of faith in his Savior not only to step out of the boat onto this stormy sea but also to call out to Christ the second it looked like he was in danger.  He was the only apostle to do all of this.  So really, the point of this rant is that Peter seems to get a bad rap and it needs to stop.  No one has perfect faith in this life.  We all have to work to perfect it as much as we can.  One day I hope to be able to say I have even a portion of the faith that Peter showed in the Master.

Oh, and side note: it was only AFTER this that we see the disciples say "Truly thou art the Son of God!" and worship him.  Again, it's really a very good thing that I didn't volunteer to be Savior of the World because my response to something like that would have been something along the lines of "On the real now guys, you JUST realised that?  How else did you think I've been feeding all those people, healing them instantaneously and casting out devils??  Not very bright, are you?"  I don't know.  I just laugh that that was when they realized.


  1. I can't believe it took me seven MONTHS to find this post. It's the first time someone has walked me through the moments of a whole day with Jesus. Yes, finding out your cousin got beheaded would be a great reason to be alone. I love the way you put things together for me. This is not just three or four great stories, it's a very memorable day.

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  4. This is still just so funny. I love it.