Sunday, August 4, 2013

Languages are COOL

So anyone who knows me at all knows that besides the restored gospel of Jesus Christ (you can see more about it and about me specifically here), I have three passions: Singing, Dancing (basically anything, though I do prefer partner dancing), and Languages.  It is a good week when I get to do something about all of those.

This week was a good week.

In my linguistics class, we talked about how in the Xincan (Sheen-kin) language when Jesus is tempted by the Devil he says that it is written that we must serve the Lord.  Sounds pretty standard, yes?  Well the thing is that the word used for we is actually the inclusive form of we meant to mean ALL of us including you rather than the exclusive form meaning all of us EXCEPT you.  So basically Christ informs the Devil that he too, despite being the enemy to all righteousness, he is obliged to worship the Lord God of Israel.  Cool, no?

I also got to have a nice long conversation in Spanish today where I was informed that I speak very well.  That's always gratifying.  (I know I am a long way from becoming fluent as a native speaker, but I'm not doing badly at all)

So that's my week in a nutshell.  (LOOK MOM, I BLOGGED!)

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