Monday, August 19, 2013

Better late....

Yeah that's a lie, but you know...TRADITIONS.  I needed to post the more memorable parts of summer term! (Mom, some of these will annoy you.)

  • MISSION CALL (if it wasn't already abundantly obvious...I'M GOIN' ON A MISSION, Y'ALL!)
  • Me: THAT is a TERRIBLE idea.....let's do it!
  • Mom (after a rather madcap day getting to the temple): Is THIS what your life is like all the time??  It's EXHAUSTING.
  • Me (to my FHE Program co-chair AKA FHE Grandpa):  Woah woah're taking Kaelin to Ward council with you?  YOU HAVE TWO WIVES.
    Kaelin: Does that make me his mistress?
  • Cassidy: My guitar smells like boy.  Not in a bad way...but it smells like boy.
  • Sean: Oh you hate that step?  Well then...*proceeds to do step about a million times in a row*
  • Jaimie: Wait...are we going to the native speaking TRC???
    Me: YEP...We gon' die.
  • Jaimie:  Aren't those the panels we use to tell the room to turn on the A/C?
    Me:  Yeah...why are there three of them?
    Jamie: Maybe the Elders get really nervous?
    Me: Heaven help them if they're going to South America.
  • Me (looking at Scott's "Alons-y Alonzo!" shirt):  I think you just became my best friend.
  • Sending my friends Ethan, Shannon, and Aannaliisa off on their missions


  1. You are the sweetest, most adorable, precious, tender and loving girl in the whoooole wide world.

  2. 103: Temperature in Phoenix at 6:30 pm 8/20/13.