Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers Day

So I have been thinking about what to do for Mother's Day for the last couple weeks.

When I was still at home I would likely have gotten up early, corralled my youngest brothers into waking up, and raided the kitchen to make my Mom breakfast in bed.  (Which, I can now understand why she hates it.  Seriously.  Crumbs EVERYWHERE.)  Or I would have just cleaned the house late at night because, let's be honest.  I am an 18 year old.  When I sleep, I sleep during the wee hours of the morning and then take naps all day.

Now I am at college (Best.  University. EVER.)  Unfortunately, being in college comes with the side effect of also not having any money (unless you count my credit card...which I don't because I am convinced those things will "drag [their unwary users] speedily down to hell")  So this is the best I can do. (Sorry Mom, but you know how much I love lists.)

About Superwoman my Mom

  1. Her favorite color has always been yellow.  She says she thought about changing it at one point, but realized she didn't want to.
  2. Much to the relief of any family members, my mother and I share our birthday.  (No, I will NOT tell you when.  Figure it out.)
  3. At 5' 9", Mom is the shortest one in the family.  
  4. She writes and illustrates children's books.  And they are fantastic.  Seriously.  READ THEM!!!
  5. She loves being outside (hiking, swimming, whatever) as long as she is kept fed and watered.
Things Mom taught me
  1. Not just how to work hard but to work well (There is a difference between working like a slave and working like a steward)
  2. How to be a missionary.  Seriously, at one point we went to EVERY.  SINGLE.  BAPTISM.  That happened in our ward.  It got to the point where she had to bribe my brothers and I with Baskin Robins to get us to stop whining.  I hated it then, but it definitely taught me the value of this transcendent work and made me even more determined to serve a mission of my own.
  3. How to stand up for myself and my family (I am better at the latter than the former.)
  4. How to eat properly (whether I actually DO is a whole 'nother story.  But she did teach me.)
  5. Avoid Mom at all costs when it is hot.  She gets loopy and weird.
  6. (this will not be put to much use for a few years yet) To EXPECT my husband not only to care for me, but to respect me and treat me well.  "You are NOT a china doll, so by golly he had better not TREAT you like one!"
  7. If you want to go camping, claim that it's so you can test out the 72 hour kits.  The emergency you are avoiding?  Oh, a Triceratops got into our kitchen through a time rift.  It was being chased by a T Rex. The T Rex got through and killed and ate part of it in our kitchen.  Then got confused and went back to it's own time.  Why isn't Dad coming with us? (Real reason: he hates camping) He's cleaning up dead triceratops and fixing the house.  Seems legit.

  8. Dancing is REALLY fun.  (granted, we do different types and hers tends to be FAR more awesome, but I try.)
    She teaches little girls Ballet

    She was on a BYU Folk Dance team (this is not her, but it's the right idea)

    ...and then there's me.  The one that does ballroom. (I am not this good yet.  Working on it.)
  9. Packing tape is your friend
  10. How to sew
  11. How to react when MY child gets in her/his first car accident: "Oh you think THAT'S bad?!  Listen, in MY first car accident, my car ROLLED.  I think we can deal with a fender bender."
  12. How to be stubborn ("We are not leaving this DMV until you have your drivers license !"  "But Mom, I don't WANT a drivers licence!"  "TOO BAD!")
  13. How to do well in school. (Do your homework, ask stupid questions)
  14. Dr Suess is awesome
  15. Dressing like a Dr Suess character is also really fun
  16. If you are painting a house, make sure your ponytail stays out of the paint or it will turn into a shirt paintbrush
  17. Never.  EVER.  own a pool.  They are a PAIN to keep up.
  18. ALWAYS own a dog
  19. Let your kids have a pet at some point or another.  If they can afford to keep them, they can have them.
  20. It's okay to cry sometimes. ( working on this one.)
  21. The Church is true.
  22. Share your testimony in the car with your children.  They will be immensely annoyed, but it will only help them in the long run
  23. Target and Toddlers do not mix.  
  24. You DO NOT EVER talk back to your mother!
  25. Practicing your talents (especially piano) comes BEFORE computer.
Thanks Mom.  I am proud to have people inform me that I am turning into you (especially when they hear of some of my more eccentric antics).  

Happy Mother's Day, I love you!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I love my Brothers

So normally I try to avoid talking about my family on this blog just because they are so very important to me...but I have to say, I LOVE my brothers.  And I am SO grateful that I get to keep them.

I mean, take my brother Greg for example.  I swear Mom was about ready to shoot the two of us and be done with it several times while I was still at home.  Most of what I remember about growing up with this kid is that our personalities clashed in the worst way possible.  We fought CONSTANTLY.  It didn't help that he's FAR more intelligent than I am (and he knew it!)  On top of this, we know what buttons to push when we start hurting.

But Greg has matured more than I could EVER have imagined in the last few months of me being away.  He went to his Junior Prom with one of my high school friends.  She is an amazing, confident and insanely gorgeous daughter of god and GET THIS.  SHE asked HIM.  Because my brother is a stud.   And he went all out.  This kid despises shopping.  But he went out to get a tux.  With tails (because they are the epitome of class.  Don't believe me?  Ask any Downtown Abbey fan.)  He also got some UBER classy saddle shoes (black and white), a bow tie, and a vest.  He also got her an absolutely gorgeous corsage.

Guys, this boy is AWESOME.  Also, he has officially beaten my record for high school success.  He has been on more dates than I was on AND he's smarter.  I am so proud.

Then there is my other brother.  William has always been the good looking one in the family.  (Greg and I agreed on this a LONG time ago) He has also always been the puzzle of the family.  My parents are both awesome and intense people.  Then there's me, and while I can be a kind and nurturing person, usually I am just a bit sarcastic and headstrong (and a bit too excitable and intense), then there's Greg--ridiculously smart and stubborn to a fault.  Will on the other hand, is easygoing (to a point), athletic, and is ALWAYS smiling.  He's also really really funny.

Kind of a conundrum.

Anyways.  This kid is the most unselfish Christlike kid ever.  Makes me understand the Lord's reasoning in appearing to the 14 year old Joseph Smith.  If he was anywhere near as stellar as William, the restoration of the church was in good hands.

I just got a letter from William.  He knows that I like it when he tries to describe how things are going for him.  So he tried to describe things for me.  He also sent me money.  Kids.  This boy is FOURTEEN.  I was definitely not that generous at fourteen.  He knew that I have been crying literally all week just because I miss my friends so much.  He also knows I don't cry.  Not often.  So he did something to try to make me feel better.  BEST.  BROTHER.  EVER.

Also, he got my mom to record him playing The Circle of Life from the Lion King when he played it in concert,  Coolest.  Kid.  In.  The.  Universe.

Conclusion:  I like those kids...I think I will keep them.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Farewell Winter!

So it's now Spring Term...So MUCH happened Winter Semester that I had to include the most important parts. (Sorry if the majority of it is indecipherable)

  • Said goodbye to some of my best friends who left on their missions to Costa Rica, McAllen Texas, Korea, Omaha Nebraska, Tacoma Washington, and New York New York North, and Fukuoka Japan. (the adversary had best be shaking in his boots!)
  • Discovered Spotify
  • Me: "I think the word you're looking for is gentleman."
    Cele: "I think the word you are looking for is COWARD!"
  • Cele/Shannon/Kim/Azya/basically our whole ward: WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!
  • Basically our whole ward: GAH!  He's so CREECH!
  • Aannaliisa: You two are gorgeous babe mommas!
  • Me: How the HECK do you lose a pound of beef under the couch??
  • Having friends who manage to set their microwave on fire making me rice krispys (and this is why we look at whether a bowl is microwavable.
  • Azya, when was the last time you ate? [my answer] then, no matter WHAT I say-- "YOU NEED FOOD.  LET ME FEED YOU."
  • One Day More
  • Me (during a performance) "Well you OBVIOUSLY don't see the light."
  • (Trying to get my best friend's attention for something) "Harrison!.....Harrison!....ELDER HOLLAND!"
    Friend: "What?"
  • Ben, Shannon, Harrison, Pamela and I: WHAT?!?!.....what?  WHAT??  (Followed by all of us dying on the floor)
  • ....You realize a fun friday night has come to mean a trip to Maceys?  That's just perthetic.
  • For Good...hindered and abetted by yours truly
  • I'M GOING TO BOISE IDAHO!!!!!!!!!  .....Where's a map?
  • [in the creamery] "HEY!  BOISE IDAHO!!!" Me: Yup.
  • Teasing people about their respective boyfriends
  • Visiting Teacher is now engaged (by now, she's probably married!)
  • One of my best friends (Kali) is ALSO her roommate's cousin
  • Most.  Awkward.  Date.  EVER.
  • Azya, your blue is showing.  That's wierd.
  • Azya, your yellow is showing.  Rein it in.
  • Harrison:  I DID NOT POISON YOU!
    Me: I wasn't even going to tell that story! 
  • Harrison: Azya, what are you doing up this late?
    Azya: Didn't I tell you?  I'm pulling an all nighter!
    Ben: Don't you have work at 3 AM?
    Azya: Your point?
  • My best friends getting mission calls:  CA Anaheim, CA Ventura, Sao Paulo Brazil x2, Irvine CA, Korea x2 (different missions), Russia, Alpine (German Speaking) x2
  • Singing in front of the Conference Center (The reason I should NOT be given any modicum of power EVER.)
  • [Every single one of my friends EVER]:  "Azya, did you seriously just record that/take a picture of that?"
  • Blessing from my best friends, Ben and Harrison right before they left.
  • DI trips
  • Finding out one of Ben's sisters also has Celiac Disease....and is my cousin's roommate.
  • Singing constantly
  • (to roommate): "Why are you drinking out of a syrup bottle?"
    "I didn't want to find a waterbottle..."
  • (Shoving pizza into our faces) "WHY DON'T BOYS LIKE US?!?!"
  • Temple trips
  • DanceSport
  • Medals Exams for Ballroom (I did REALLY well, thank you very much.)
  • Emily and I: WE WILL HAVE A PET HOUND...then the single one can be the fox!
  • Belting out Some Nights
  • Harrison and Emily: "Azya, don't you know the meaning of 'bundle up'???"
    [shivering] "Apparently not as I seem to have just given myself hypothermia."
  • Alyssa: "Okay Azya, now don't touch it because it will BREAK."
  • Movie night with Phineas and Ferb (Ammon, Tom, Chad, Nicole, Harrison)
  • Me: "Can you understand this for me?"
    Harrison: "....I can explain it to you...."
  • Didn't make it into folk dance...sad day.
  • Aannaliisa: Azya, I've started talking like you!!
    Azya: Good.  My evil little plan is succeeding. 
  • Conversations where I speak Spanish, Aannaliisa speaks French and the mere mortals look on in confusion.
  • We've had one two, yes.  But what about second third winter?
  • Fake engagement photo shoot (BETH DID NOT SHOW UP TO FREAK OUT.)
  • Psychology study groups with Charlotte and Kim
  • [Everyone EVER] "Oh, where are you going on your mission?
    Lil' ol' me: ....I don't know yet....:(
Guys, thank you so much for your friendship and the entertaining semester that kept me sane despite my job from Hades. 

Let Spring Begin!

Love Always