Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Loneliness Give Me

So I've been thinking. (A dangerous pass time, I know.)  I am a social person.  This may come as a complete shock to those of you who know how neurotic I get if I don't get a LOT of people time.  I've been thinking though.  A lot of the time, the Lord allows us to grow the most when we are most alone.

Think about it; Moroni was arguably the most lonely man on the face of the planet at the time of his death.  He was hunted down by his distantly related relatives.  His people -- as abominably disgustingly wicked as they were -- were all dead.  He was totally alone.  This forced him to rely on the Lord more than most of us will ever have to in this life.  And yet, I think he was blessed beyond measure; especially with the integral role he played in the coming forth of the Book of Mormon.
I found this picture of Mormon and Moroni.  I absolutely ADORE it!

His father Mormon was yet another man who was (almost; he had his son) utterly alone.  And yet, what an example of forgiveness he is!  The last words he wrote were to the children of the very people who had wounded him so badly that they thought he was dead on the battlefield.  He forgave their fathers all the murders, all the bloodshed.  He only wanted to make it possible for them to gain exaltation.  Wow.  Can you say Christlike?

There are countless other examples of people who were strengthened by their loneliness:  Esther, Daniel (of lion's den fame), Joan of Arc, David as he faced Goliath, Joseph and Hyrum Smith, the list goes on.  But, as always, all things testify of Christ: when our Saviour atoned for the world (and any other worlds there happen to be) he was literally the most lonely being ever to have existed.  But through that loneliness he was not only to overcome his own death, but overcome yours and mine as well.  Because of him, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can live again.  I know that I will see my friends and family who have gone before me.
Yo se que vive mi Señor consuelo es poder saber
Que vive aunque muerto fue y siempre su amor tendré
El vive para bendecir y ante Dios por mi pedir
El vive para sustentar y a mi alma alentar
 El vive para sostener y con su mano protejer
El vive para escuchar y oidos a mis quejas dar
El vive para alentar y mis angustias sosegar
El vive para ayudar y a mi alma consolar
El vive mi amigo fiel, me ama para siempre El
El vive y siempre cantare El vive mi Señor y rey
Por el la vida yo tendre la muerte yo conquistare
mi gran mansión preparará y vivire con el allá
El vive y yo lo honraré a Cristo siempre alabaré
gozoso canto con fervor yo sé que vive mi Señor
El vive y yo lo honraré a Cristo siempre alabare
Gozoso canto con fervor yo se que vive mi Señor

My conclusion?  Loneliness is NOT fun and I doubt I will ever like it (especially on yet ANOTHER of those Friday/Saturday nights that I have been having...dateless while all my friends are on dates and/or doing homework.)  But loneliness is a chance to grow nearer to my Saviour, my Older Brother, my Best Friend.  If that's the price I need to pay, well, I'm in good company (ironic, isn't it?)
He is Risen!

Love always -- Azya

Saturday, March 2, 2013

On the off chance I EVER start dating

Hey y'all.  This was on the board of my sociology class (I've just stopped questioning it), and I thought it was completely hilarious.  That said, on the off chance I ever start dating, please remind me of this.  Okay? Okay.  Good talk.