Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nothing like it.

I was thinking today as I dragged myself to classes etc:  there's nothing like being sick to make you appreciate what you have.
For instance: isn't mint tea a wonderful thing?  So is chamomile and lemon grass herb tea.  If I have to feel awful at least I have an excuse to drink this stuff all the time instead of to warm up (though I do a lot of that too.)

Lemongrass....according to Google

Chamomile....looks like Daisies to me
Other things that you appreciate more when you're sick:
a strong stomach
people who offer to drive you places and/or bring you things
finals (studying.  It's something to pass the time.)

Yep, that's a pretty good list.  I'm so glad that this doesn't happen as often as it did in high school.  I'm even more glad it isn't something that will put me out of commission from December until April.

And with that interesting and not-entirely-logical post I leave you today.

The Lord lives and he loves you...that's why indoor plumbing and Kleenex was invented.
                                          Yeah.....I should shut up while I'm ahead.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Breaking the Bored

No, no I actually spelled that exactly the way I wanted to spell it.

One of my biggest memories from Summer Breaks as a little kid was lounging around the house with a heat induced headache, too lazy to do something productive and, oh I don't know, go for a swim in the pool?  What did I do instead was look at my mom and whine "I'm bored!"(and anybody who claims that they did otherwise is lying...and doing a pitiful job of it.)  It is important to remember that my mom never gave any satisfying answers to this.  Usually I got something along the lines of
Or maybe even:
 Needless to say, this was NOT what I had in mind.  Especially when Mom was holding some ice cream hostage in the freezer saving the ice cream that she had bought at the store for dinner.

Too bad dinner was about a million years away and it was hot and boring NOW.

As I got older I got better about whining about how bored I was to Mom.  This was partially because I didn't want to be given jobs to do, but also because I figured out that if I disappeared for days on end just reading, I had a good chance of reading through the entire library and I would once again have a good reason to whine.

Now that I am in college, I have a better solution: a laptop.  I still get bored very easily.  (If you ask people what one of my most common phrases are besides "I'm fine" you'll probably get "I'm bored.  Let's do __(fill in the blank)___" or "I was bored so __(fill in the blank)__")  Why do I do this?  Because homework can only last for so long, and it is possible to run out of youtube and internet to waste my life on.

That's why I do indexing if I still need to do more studying but also really need a break.  It's amazing, really, what yelling at long deceased census takers and parish priests for their atrocious handwriting will do for your mind when you're about to lose it.
DO YOU SEE THE TERRIBLENESS??? And this is GOOD handwriting!

And I (should be) getting blessings for doing it.  Not a bad trade off, eh?

Conclusion: I hate to say it, but Mom was right.  Putting boredom to good use can actually work.  Dang it.

Oh...but in all fairness...I also do THIS when I get bored. (Copyright Disney)
Darth Mickey


Princess Duck

Luke Duckwalker
This one is my personal favorite.

The Lord lives and he loves you guys!  To steal the catchphrase of a good friend of mine:  Have a fantabulous day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

With Blessings like these, who has time to whine?

There was a facebook thing going on all this month as a countdown to Thanksgiving about what we are grateful for.  There was one thing a day.  I didn't want to post every day on Facebook, but it DID occur to me that I have enough people and things that I care about to not mind posting it somewhere.  So without further ado, and in no particular order, I present my Thanksgiving countdown.  Buckle up, it's a long post, but then, that means you're likely in here somewhere (assuming I know you).  If you don't mind me using your actual picture, just let me know.

 Day 1.  My family:
  My Dad is the coolest dad alive.  He can cook well, he can fix anything, he's a former Marine (but technically, once a Marine, always a Marine, so...), he can fix anything, he's a worthy priesthood holder, and he loves my Mom.

My Mom is also uber awesome.  She writes stories and she does a FANTASTIC job of it. (link to her story blog here. I COMMAND YOU TO LOVE IT!)  She taught me how to cook, sew, and stand up for myself.  She hikes even when her kids (read: I) whine about it, she cooks, cleans and has an even stranger sense of humor than I do.  I think she's pretty flipping awesome.

My brother Greg is heinously tall (Seriously boy, you.  Are.  SIXTEEN.  You don't need to be 6' 4''!!)  He is also super smart, a good singer, and a snake charmer.  Not to mention he's fun to argue with.

William.  I'm not entirely sure how he landed in the family of super intense people, but boy am I glad he did.  We really need this kid.  I don't understand how his mind works, and honestly, I doubt he does either.  That's why we get along.  Also, he plays the drums.  That just adds coolness.  He's also way too tall.

And I get to be with these people for all eternity?  AWESOME!

Day 2. The Savior
He died so that I can live again, he is willing to take away all my sins.  I am forever indebted to him.

Day 3. My best friend Elise
She is as tall as me, has AMAZING hair and watches out for me even when I am away at college.  We met as a result of me being cold and deciding to latch onto her arm for warmth.  We've been the best of friends ever since and if the whole marriage thing never works out for me, she's already given permission for me to live under her porch as mad Auntie Azya so I can teach her children to ransack grocery stores and small villages PROPERLY.
Day 4.  My other Arizona Friends
Kevin, Daniel, Remmington, Cheyenne, Savannah, and Jamie especially are awesome.  They put up with my *ahem* bug issues (Like the time I saw a cockroach, started screaming KILL IT!! at the top of my lungs and then proceeded to squash it dead with my foot.  Only a true friend would make sure I never live that down.)
I'm so brave
Day 5.  My Seminary Teachers
Sister Carroll taught me that it is more than alright to write in my scriptures and badgered us all until we not only did our reading, but passed off all our scripture mastery.  I had her for Freshman and Sophomore year for high school and still remember all of the scripture mastery from those years.

Sister Harkey and Sister Smith didn't have me as a student for very long.  I was constantly sick and rarely came to seminary my Junior year, but I always knew I was welcome whenever I could make it. That was more important than anything at that point in my life.
Sister Hansen taught me my senior year of High School and was the teacher that finally got me out to the Scripture Mastery Bowl (where I nearly won--.005 of a second behind the winner!) She was always well prepared and when we earned a bagel day always made sure that I had a gluten-free bagel so that I wouldn't be left out.
Day 6. Christine
Christine was my YW President from when I was a beehive until my last year in YWs.  She saw me through my awkward phase years where I should not have been let out of the house without either a paper bag, makeup, or a serious shot of self esteem juice.  And despite this she still seems to like me.  Not to mention that she is super gorgeous and amazing.  And she can sing alto (I envy altos.)  She makes a FANTASTIC second mom!
This is not Christine, but it could be.
Day 7. Sister Hopper
Sister Hopper took my senior pictures (and did a GREAT job, just for the record).  She was also my YW president, along with being my primary president and an all around awesome person.  She's always there when I need a swift kick in the tail to at least pretend to be cheerful.
And did I mention she is an awesome photographer?
Day 8.  Sister Woods
Sister Woods was my YWs president when I left home.  She has the CUTEST son in the world who is five years old and already way smarter than I will ever be.  She also quilts and taught me to quilt. (Not that I was any good at it, but it's the fact that she tried to teach me that counts.)
Her quilts are even better than this.  Just saying.
Day 9. My YWs leaders in general
Sister Gould, Sister Payne, Sister Andrews, Sister Crezee, Sister Morris, Sister Cobb, and Sister Bacon, Sister Hawea and Aunt Mare all had profound influences on my life.  Some of them have known me since I was a Sunbeam (that's what, three years old?  Something like that.) The fact that they accepted a calling to put up with hormonal teenagers makes them saints, the fact that none of them ever committed me to the loony bin when they were leading me makes them martyrs.
None of these are actually the ladies themselves, but there ya go. 
Day 10.  The YW from home.
Ah, yes.  My church friends.  How to describe them?  Well, here we go:
Awesome hair.  Yes, Talia, Jillian, Dana, Lizzy, Alyssa, Alondra and Sam.  This is aimed at you.  I don't know how you manage to do the whole amazing hair thing, but I am sincerely astounded.
The coolest people on the planet.  Sara, Sarah, Andi, Ally, Marcia, Madi I am seriously intimidated by your levels of awesomeness and am so glad you put up with me.
Sincere, Beautiful and Fun.  This honestly could apply to all of these girls, but I remember always thinking that Lisa, Amanda, Emma, Lauren and Lauren did a good job with this one.  How we got them I don't know but I always have looked up to them.
Also not the girls themselves, but just as gorgeous and modest as them! 
Day 11: Sarah
This girl just plain gets me.  She lets me walk her to work in the mornings, she puts up with my whining, and she lets me sit with her in church.  I love this girl a lot and am so glad that we are friends.  Also: SHE CAN HULA DANCE!  Do you guys have ANY idea how happy that makes me?  She's a quarter Asian and may just be one of the prettiest, most understanding and talented girls I know.
This is where she comes from.  I have spoken. So it is.
Day 12:  Aannaliisa
Just try spelling her name right in one go, I dare you.  She has the longest most gorgeous hair in the world and I think she is the closest of any of my friends up here to being twinkled.  She's just that good.  She will comfort you if you are having a bad day, and she has a bad day, unlike me, she won't complain about it.  She just goes out and serves.
Her hair is about this fantastic.  It's very impressive.
Day 13: My roommates
We discovered that we are COMPLETELY different and that each and every one of us probably belongs in a psych ward.  It's such a good thing that we're rooming together, because no one else would put up with me as well as these two girls do.
This is what we have in our apartment as a result of our respective neurosis. 
Day 14: Nicole
Nicole met me the first day of school and I think I may have scared her just a bit.  Now we hang out all the time and she is one of my best friends.  I can always count on her to at least give me a hug.  She's also a wonderful cook and one of the most dedicated people I know.  She's taking SEVENTEEN CREDITS and is still super nice.  Good job, Nicole.  I would be a basket case if I were you.
Me if I had the kind of stress Nicole does. 

Day 15: Grace, Aloe and Meghan
These girls are possibly one of the coolest and most spiritual apartments on campus.  Grace is my Releif Society President and is a tower of strength.  I've cried on her shoulder and traded boots with her.  I'd say we were meant to be friends.  Meghan is (my own words here) a blonde bombshell in more than one sense.  She is this adorable, smiley blonde girl who is possibly the most energetically optimistic people I know.  I don't think it's possible to talk to the girl without smiling.  Then there's Aloe, who I knew I would be friends with just because of her name--it means I'm not the only one with an interesting name.  But throw in the fact that she has AWESOME hair and is an artist?  Yeah, she's superwoman.
Pioneer women were the strongest women I know, so there's Grace.  Aloe looks like THIS right down to the hair!  And then, how can you look at something that adorable and not smile??

Day 16: JanaLee, Miriam, and Natalie
These girls let me literally live at their apartment on a regular basis.  They have hilarious fake arguments that always make me giggle and they sing.  I have singing buddies.  I can trust them with anything.  They are also some of the wisest people I know.  I expect them all to be twinkled shortly.
Day 17: My FHE group
I don't know that I am the best FHE mom in the world.  I don't plan ahead the way I should, and I think I scare these people, but they haven't shot me yet, so I can't be doing too badly, right?  This is a group of dedicated, talented, intelligent people who constantly amaze me with their spiritual strength.  Not to mention that two of the girls in my group have gotten called on a mission: one to Texas (Spanish speaking), the other to New York (Mandarin speaking)
Day 18:  Harrison
We made friends by making the poor life decision to stay out until one AM (in our defense: we were singing and dancing.  No regrets.)  Since then he has been a support to me in ways that I don't think he even realizes.  He's given me blessings when I needed them, gone on walks with me when I was about to lose it (granted, I don't know that I ever had "it") and only managed to poison me once (and that wasn't entirely on purpose.)  He is a great singing buddy and the only person I entirely trust to lead when we're dancing.  I get on his nerves on a regular basis, but he still puts up with me (though the lectures have been getting more frustrated lately...sorry about that.)  I'm so grateful to have made friends with this kid.
One guess what state he's from.
Day 19:  Ethan
I met Ethan and proceeded to make a fool out of myself with a hiccup attack.  I'd love to say that things have gotten better since then, but I would be lying through my teeth.  He has put up with me when all he wants to do is go to sleep.  He too, lectures me on a regular basis, but when someone has decided to be an older brother, that just comes with the job description.  His favorite words to me seem to be "You are insane"  which I take as a good thing judging by the fact that he is always laughing when he says it.  He too, has given me blessings and has informed me, as Elders Quorum President, that I am not allowed to die this year...because I was TOTALLY planning on doing that (totes for realsies guys!).
I defy you to guess which state this is.
Day 20:  Eric
Okay, this guy is the coolest person in the universe.  He makes  me gluten free food, has been known to inform me that I am not allowed to leave the apartment until ALL the food from a serving size of his choice has been eaten by me.  He is turning himself orange, just to see if he can, and lets me tag along to volunteer in the MTC.  I'm going to seriously miss this guy when he goes on his mission at semester.
And he will do a great job.
Day 21: Charlie, Kali, and Marian
This apartment was the first one where I made really good friends.  We still have dinner on occassion and I get to be Marian's visiting teacher!  Nothing like hanging out with people that genuinely (for some inexplicable reason) seem to like you!  Not only that, but Charlie also has Celiac Disease, which means we can talk about the abominable lack of Gluten Free food together.  It is also kind of funny...there's a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.
They're prettier than this, but you get the idea.
Day 22: David
This is yet another guy who has given me a blessing.  He is a rugby player, and therefore super cool, and he is possibly the nicest boy I have ever met.  He also just got called on a mission to Washington where he will be the most amazing missionary the area has ever seen.
Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! The Lord Lives and he loves you!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting up early: I LOVE it!

Something we talk about a lot is the consequences of our choices.  The whole idea behind agency is that while we are free to make our choices we are not free to choose the consequences that follow.

Sometimes, the consequence is a good thing.  For instance: making cookies.  The whole house smells DELICIOUS afterwards.  (Then, if you're me, you don't even feel obligated to eat them as that would kill you!)

This is not me.
Then there are the times when a consequence is not necessarily a good thing.  For example, my love of Krispy Kreme that has great potential to cause me harm.  (For those of you who still don't know about my fun little problem, see below.)
Yeah...that's about right.
But then there are other consequences that are neither here nor there.  Like my recent decision to walk one of my best friends, Sarah to work in the mornings.  On the one hand, I get to hang out with her and see the sunrise every morning on my way back home.  It also means that I am up first and have time to pray, read my scriptures, and write in my journal (because we ALL know that I will not be doing that at night!)
This is actually what it looks like.  Can you blame me for loving it?
It's too cold to do this right now, she's WAY cuter than there two, and we're walking, but you get the idea.

Most important part of any day.

My journal is so cool....It actually looks a lot like this.

These are all REALLY good consequences of getting up early.  Then, there are the not so good consequences.  Namely: the fact that I get lectured for walking home alone, how I need sleep, and how it is NOT A GOOD THING to be stubborn! (Did I get everything guys?)
Where I would be constantly if my friends had their way. 

...or maybe here.  Depending on how irritated I have managed to make them 
But I guess even that has it's up side.  It means I am loved....that and that I'm aggravating  but then, we all knew that was the case.

Ain't consequences great?  Such wonderful learning experiences!

The Lord lives and he loves you!  Please try to make good choices, and if you mess up, please make it entertaining (and then repent, because that is what the atonement is all about).